Pink Soap Bouquet with Cute Bear

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  • Creative "I Love You" Gift: Long-lasting scented roses made from essential oil scented bath soap, lovely light perfume smell, with cute "I Love You" bear ✦ Additionally, these soap roses can be used as a natural diffuser for essential oils to balance the body and mind to help improve emotional, physical and mental health.
  • Safety and Healthy: Scented soap roses contain jasmine essential oil, shea butter and vitamin E. Soap roses will make your skin shiny and leave you with soft and moisturized skin. This product is 100% safe, even for the most sensitive skin!
  • Aromatherapy: To release the properties of jasmine oil from roses, place one or more rose petals in the tub filled with water and you are ready to enjoy a relaxing, calming and relaxing experience.
  • What it is for: This unique gift can be given as a Valentine's Day gift, anniversaries, wedding gifts, anniversaries and more!


  • Color: red, pink, blue, purple, rose red
  • Package includes: 3 x rose soap, 1 x cute little bear, gift packaging
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