Car Protection Wax

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  • All products: 2/3/4 buy, get 5/10/15% off

Your car will be worth at least 30% after passing auto-correction

Doubt? Draw your own conclusions!  

We always talk to our customers.
It's not an expense, but an investment!

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But what do we need to do?

  • Deep revitalization, restoring original color and texture
  • Waterproofing against rain, clay, dust...
  • Protective layer, your car will take much longer to get dirty
  • Crystallized shine

How long does this last?

From 6 to 8 months! Yes, all this time your car will be completely revitalized and protected!

Do I need a professional to successfully perform Autofix?

No, the AutoFix was designed for home use, meaning you will easily pop into your car and enjoy this magic!

Where can I use?

All body parts, as well as leather seats, tires, plastics inside the vehicle, rubber and glass.

  • 1x AutoFix 120g (enough for an entire car)
  • 1x Magic Toast

Detailed Technical Description:

Synthetic Polymers (ESP) technology creates a film that bonds to the car's paint for extreme protection. The result, the latest generation of NXT Wax, is synthetic protection against the most advanced paint technology available for today's modern coatings and clear coats. Excellent against watermarks. Easily removes residue, visually eliminates swirls and protects against ultraviolet rays. Its formula leaves the board as if it were wet, giving it an intense and incredible shine.

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