Car Door Panel Clip

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Nylon rivet fasteners suitable for mounting side skirts, bumpers and other vehicle equipment. These clips are suitable for holding everything in place with a snug fit. Suitable for buses, trains, planes, trucks, caravans and cars.


  • SOLID FASTER REMOVER - Robust plastic and metal material with the added benefit of high abrasion resistance which allows you to quickly and easily remove car door trims and upholstery clips without damaging them. Easy access to tight areas.
  • FASTENING BELT DESIGN – Quick linking and fastening makes repairs easier. You can handle most events easily.
  • DIFFERENT SPECIFICATIONS - 18 specifications, different styles, applicable.
  • WORKS FOR EVERYONE ALL SITUATIONS - The kit contains 18 types of the most common sizes of retaining clips, which are suitable for original replacement in hole sizes from 6 to 10 mm and are always the right size.
  • STRIKE PRESS RIVETS - Well made from durable nylon plastic, not easy to break or crack like other brands. Quite difficult!
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR NEEDS - Up to 415 fixing clips in a plastic box allow you to freely build your vehicle accessories at any time. It's definitely cheaper than going to the auto parts store.


  • Package A: 1 pack of 100pcs + 1 screwdriver

  • Package B: 1 package of 415 pieces

  • Package C: 1 set of 415 pieces + 1 screwdriver + 4 pieces orange set + 5 straps + 20 sponge pads.
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