Domom®Stainless Steel External Chamfer Deburring Tool (2 PCS)

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Do you often face this embarrassing situation? When you try to screw in the nut, find that the bolt has a lot of burrs. Usually you will need a heavy duty hammer to hit it so that it is sharp edged. This drill bit deburring external chamfer tool is designed to solve this problem for you. Made from super hard stainless steel with 3 shaving teeth and a triangle/hexagon shaped shaft that prevents the deterrent from slipping while working with a drill bit. It is designed to clean any type of thread or pipe end that may have burrs and allows the nut to slide onto the bolt easily.


  • QUICK SETTING BOLTS: The deburring external chamfer tool can quickly grind the tip of a compressed or rusted bolt to a tapered edge so the nut can be quickly tightened in place without replacing expensive and difficult fasteners to find, saving a lot of money, especially when handling fixed bolts that cannot be dismantled.
  • MULTIPLE OPERATING OPTIONS: This product has 2 different handles: triangle and hexagon, which can be used for different types of drills. The head is a conical shape that can be repaired to a maximum of different bolt sizes.
  • WORK SAFELY WITH DRILL BIT: The operation is simple, using the lowest speed on the drill bit, then lightly applying pressure to remove the burr from the bolt. Safe and pious design means no cuts, no sparks, no burns.
  • MOUNTING BOLT TUBE SIZE: Fits size: 8-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4''-10 (.750) - (4mm -19mm). Effective on stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, plastic, whether with or without threads. Besides, it can also be used as a bottle opener.
  • EXOTIC SUPER HARD STEEL: Made of extremely hard stainless steel with three shaving teeth, it has the characteristic of high strength and hardness for durability.


It is recommended to use a little lubricant before grinding the burr.


2 × Domom® Stainless Steel External Chamfer Deburring Tool (2 PCS)

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