Halloween Prank Makeup Temporary Tattoo(10pcs)

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These beautiful and long-lasting temporary tattoos are a perfect addition to any Day of the Dead Halloween costume.


  • ✨ Wide Application
    Beautiful and realistic Halloween element temporary tattoos, free to create your unique personality. Great for Halloween costume parties, gatherings, cosplay, craft projects, party favor decorations, etc. Suitable for application on arm, face, hand, neck, shoulder or anywhere.

  • ✨ Reliable Material
    Black and colored temporary tattoos are made from environmentally friendly materials and are safe to use. The fake tattoos sticker can be applied to any skin, no matter children or adults. They are waterproof and will last 3-5 days or even longer.

  • ✨Easy to use
    Self-adhesive design makes it stick well on your body and face. Easy to apply in 15-30 seconds with just water and easily removed by rubbing alcohol, baby oil, olive oil.

  • ✨ Novel Style
    Special style tattoo stickers look very real and natural, free to create your unique one. Suitable for sharing with family and friends.


1. Cut out the desired tattoo and remove the transparent film.

2. Place the pattern side on your skin.

3. Wet the temporary tattoo thoroughly with a sponge or directly by hand.

4. After 20-30 seconds, gently remove the backing paper from the tattoo sticker.

5. Allow the tattoo paper to dry completely.


Dab the tattoo sticker with rubbing alcohol or baby oil, olive oil, wait 10-20 seconds, then rub gently and repeatedly with more rubbing alcohol or of baby oil, olive oil until removed.


  • Style: halloween
  • Weight: 10G
  • Size: 130*70MM
  • Package: 10 * Halloween Prank Makeup Temporary Tattoo(set-A)/ 9* Waterproof Funny Stickers(set-B、set-C)
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