Fun dinosaur toy

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This toy goes far beyond a simple dinosaur model, as it incorporates an eye-catching nodding action, a surprising biting function and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you want to relax or meet up with friends, this dinosaur toy will become your ideal companion .


  • 🦖 Attention-grabbing head nod: You will be amazed to see the dinosaur nodding its head. This unique design not only brings joy, but also an interaction reminiscent of a real dinosaur.

  • 🦖 Thrilling biting pleasure: He opens his mouth to playfully bite! Pressing it reveals a toothy smile, providing an entertaining and delightful experience. You can place your finger or other small objects in its mouth, to feel the excitement and thrill of the dinosaur world.

  • 🦖 Exquisite workmanship: Whether it is the realistic appearance or the pleasant tactile feeling, this toy meets the highest standards. This toy is not just an entertainment tool, it is an exquisite work of art.


  • Material: plastic

  • Color: as shown

  • Age requirement: over 3 years old

  • Size:


  • 1×Fun dinosaur toy
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