Private Information Protection Post Opener

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  • OPEN ALL YOUR PACKAGES: Our privacy protection package opener is equipped with a cutter that helps you open your package quickly.
  • PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY: This proven privacy-protecting letter opener is designed to hide the text underneath, keeping it away from prying eyes. Plus, it works on all types of papers.
  • ROLLER WIDTH: The roller width of the privacy parcel opener is wide enough to match the length of the word you want to hide. Plus, you can refill the ink to use it again and again.
  • SAVE TIME: This saves you time from having to scrape off stickers or find scissors to open packages that don't even work on such shiny surfaces. The cutter helps you open your package conveniently and the roller hides your text.
  • RETRACTABLE ROLLER HEAD: You can extend and retract the privacy parcel opener with the press of a button and a cover head will prevent accidental inking when not in use.
  • A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO THE SHREDDER: Documents that are inked with the Privacy Parcel Opener are recyclable, so your paper no longer needs to be shredded.
Privacy Protection Parcel Opener

  • MULTIPLE USES: Perfect for bills, credit card receipts, bank statements, tax returns, postcards, junk mail, etc.
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE: The Privacy Shield Opener lasts approximately 30 meters per roll, or approximately 1,000 impressions. The pattern width is 0.5 inch and will cover 3 lines of text in a single pass. The Privacy Protection Parcel Opener The Privacy Protection Parcel Opener is very portable, as you can take it anywhere and anytime.
  • 1: Remove the cutter that is attached to the back of the privacy parcel opener.
  • 2: Cut the parcel tape with this privacy protection parcel opener.
  • 3: When it's time to throw away the package packaging, use the privacy protection package opener stamp on the private information.
  • 4: All your information is now hidden and you have also opened the box conveniently.
Privacy Protection Parcel Opener
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 8cm x 4cm
  • Color: black + white
  • Weight: 60g
  • 1 x Privacy Information Protection Post Opener
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