Air Pump Wine Opener

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  • Eye-catching & non-marking aperitif.

    The creative opener adopts the principle of air pressure, pumping air into the bottle through a small needle tube, so that the air pressure in the bottle increases and the cork is fully pushed out by the difference between internal and external pressures. Cork leaves no marks, but the process is eye-catching.

  • Ergonomic design, easier to use.

    The shell handle adopts an ergonomic light curve design, the size of the handle is enlarged, and it fits the palm better, making it easier to grip and pump.

  • Ultra-thin needle tube, easy to move forward and backward.

    The inflation needle tube is made of high strength, high toughness steel and food contact coating, which has less resistance and can be easily inserted and ejected from the cap. Simply push it using a sliding piece when removing the cap.

  • It does not damage cork, does not drop sawdust and retains the original flavor you want.

    The inflation pipe penetrates the cork, only produces small pinholes, does not damage the cork and does not cause sawdust to fall into the bottle, so as not to contaminate the liquor and affect the original flavor and taste.


  • Item size: 202.5*21mm
  • Package size: 203*22*22mm
  • Weight: 0.132 lbs
  • Color: Black/Red/Blue/Green
  • Material: ABS Stainless Steel

What is included in an air pump wine opener set?

  • 1*air pump wine opener;
  • 1*manual;
  • 1*carton;


1 set of air pump wine opener (black or red or blue or green)


2 sets of air pump wine openers (black)


3 sets of air pump wine openers (black)


2 sets of air pump wine openers (black + red)

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