Refurbishment of car crystallization

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  • Easy to apply and renew with just one wipe! Put a few drops on the included applicator and wipe down the trim or plastic. Just wipe once and you will see the difference! Super easy to apply and gives a whole new look to your decor!

  • Long-lasting Our plastic renovators are designed to last! You will be surprised by the most difficult washes and the worst rain and snow conditions! A little goes a long way and you'll be amazed how it can freshen up your entire car in just one minute!

  • Our automotive plastic renovator will not only restore shine to your matte plastics and trim, it will also give your new car a new look! By using our restorers and protectors, you will avoid premature wear and fading caused by light and road dirt!

  • Our special formula is water-based and will not scratch, damage or dry out your rubber, trim, plastic or any other possible paint! Works with all colors of plastic and rubber!

  • Applicable occasion

    Car doors,Auto wiper tank,Car fender flares,Car fender flares,Electric car pedal Automotive productsThe electronic digital.


  • Size: about 50*43*86mm

  • Net content: 30ML/bottle

  • Shelf life: three years

  • Net weight: about 85g

  • Product function: renovation of plastic parts


Clean debris and dust from around the area to be treated. Spray a certain amount of product and wipe evenly using a sponge or cloth. Wait for a while, then wipe with a cloth.

  1. Refurbished parts to clean

  2. Place the product on the sponge

  3. The product smears all evening

  4. Plastic parts to repair


  • 1/3/5 * Car Crystallization Refurbishment


  • Please allow for slight measurement differences due to manual measurements.

  • Due to different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures.

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