🎾Spicy Reminders Tennis Dampener🥎

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🎾Do you and your tennis friends sometimes need a spicy or aggressive reminder to stay focused and moving?

😆It's the perfect little reminder to stay in the game!


  • PERFECT for kids and all gamers. They don't fall off the ropes!

  • The green “Don’t screw it up” – a good mantra for any occasion, but particularly useful before entering the field or in the middle of a heated match.

  • The orange “Move Your Fucking Feet” – a good reminder for players of all levels not to have lazy feet!

  • The yellow “Go to the net, damn it!” - Highly requested and very often shouted by my trainer (and my partner).

  • The blue "Patience...let them fuck up" - are you a player used to slamming your head straight into the net? Join the club, my friend! A good reminder to take a breath and let them make their mistakes!

  • Perfect, high-quality shock absorbers for your rackets and those of your partners!


    • Style: as shown
    • Color: Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange
    • Size: 2.5*2.5cm


    • 1/4 * Spicy Reminders Tennis Shock Absorber
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